Customer Responsibility:
All customers are required to have a current Virginia Drivers license on hand at the time of rental. Rented equipment is the responsibility of the customer until it is returned and accepted by an employee of Rental Works. In the case that the equipment is lost or damaged in any way, the customer will be charged the full replacement or repair cost in addition to the rental cost.

All rentals must be paid for in advance. Payment may be made by credit card or check. If a customer wishes to pay by cash, a separate security deposit will be required.

Delivery service is available. Rates vary according to size of equipment and delivery distance. Please contact the store for specific delivery charges.

Fuel Charge:
All equipment that has gasoline or diesel engines will be sent out full of fuel. A fuel service charge will be added at the end of the rental period for any item that is not returned full.

Cleaning Charge:
A cleaning fee will be charged if equipment is not returned cleaned.

Rate Periods for Tools and Equipment
Please be aware that we charge for all time out with the equipment, not for time used.

Half Day Rate:
This rate is a 4-hour rate. This rate is also the overnight rate. For the overnight rate, equipment can be picked up no more than one hour before closing, and must be returned no later than one hour after opening the following business day. If equipment is returned late, the normal rental rate will apply.

Day Rate:
Usage is based on the equipment being used on a standard 8 hour per day shift. Double shift of 8-16hours per day will be charged 1.5 times daily rate. Triple shift of 16-24 hours per day will be charged 2 time daily rate.

A month is equal to 28 days, and usage is based upon shifts described above.

Damage Waiver:
A 14% optional damage waiver is available on all rentals.
Damage waiver is a “Customer Protection Plan” that covers accidental or incidental damage to the equipment while it is being used under normal circumstances. It does not cover loss or theft, nor damage due to negligence. Cash deposit is required when damage waiver is declined.

Environmental Fee:
In order to meet the equipment needs of our valued customers, Rental Works handles potentially hazardous materials like fuel, oil, cleaners, and batteries every day. Making sure those materials do not harm the environment is an important part of our continued efforts to be responsible members of our community. Proper management of these materials and their waste by-products is expensive, but we are committed to protecting the environment and our community.  The environmental Fee is NOT a government mandated tax or Fee. The environmental Fee is our Fee designed to offset a wide range of environmental expenses (direct and indirect). Expenses may include waste disposal, construction/maintenance of cleaning facilities, acquisition of more fuel efficient equipment, labor costs, administrative costs, etc.  This Fee is not designed for any particular purpose or placed in an escrow account.  It becomes part of Rental Works revenue and is used at our discretion.  This Fee is added to each piece of rental equipment.  Without proper management, environmental impacts could occur as a result of cleaning the equipment after each rental, fuel handling, disposal of shop waste, and numerous other routine procedures.  To minimize these impacts to the environment, Rental Works implements procedures including containing our potentially hazardous materials, treating our wash bay run-off/waste, and proper disposal of oil, filters, tires, batteries, and shop waste.